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«Divergent woman»
Because a woman supports a woman (and not vice verca)
Who Is She - Divergent Woman?
Divergent woman is a self-sufficient woman who cherishes her own personality in order to be able to:
Her opinion is important and listened to. She strives for self-respect and treats others with
respect. She knows how to make constructive decisions and cooperate
She is a harmonious person and therefore pays attention not only to her appearance, but also
to spiritual development. She sincerely admires the achievements of other women; she
achieves success and knows how to lose
She is constantly learning and reading a lot. She knows how to distinguish true information
from fake one and not to succumb to provocations. She is ready to admit her mistakes and
able to analyze them
Make dreams come true on her own
She realizes her potential. She keeps going. She does not afraid to start something new. She
has ambitions and plans for life. She understands that dreams do not come true until she
Help others
She wants and can help others, ready to be a volunteer. At her own expense and selflessly.
She cares about others and encourages principle that a woman supports a woman, and not
vice verca

From Divergent Woman

Founder and CEO of the women`s organization «Divergent Woman» Yuliia Tsybulska about
the idea of establishing the organization
Being an independent woman is difficult. When you have your own opinion and
understanding that you need, first of all, a strong YOU for your own success. I want to help
other women become more powerful, financially independent and influential.

No doubt, we can achieve our goals on our own, but together it is much easier, faster, more
efficient, more powerful and more significant for the whole society. Because many hands
make light work, aren't they? If you have a thirst for work and not depend on others, if you
have internal resistance, when someone imposes stereotypes and forces you to live according
to public or someone's personal beliefs, if only you believe in yourself - you are definitely
one of us
Mission and purpose
Yuliia Tsybulska is the founder and CEO of educational HUB «Insha Osvita, Owner of the
IT company «UNIYA», CEO of the public organization «Divergent Woman»

Our purpose is to build a community of an educated society in which intelligence will be a
trend and gender equality will be the key to economic growth
I strongly believe, a woman helps a woman (and not vice verca). We prove this by our own
Successful examples are followed. That is why my super mission is to set and popularize a
trend for a working, influential (effective), financially independent woman who walks
through life with confidence. That is exactly what I am doing right now
What We Do
Modern and affordable education
We created a modern safe educational space. We encourage and popularize healthy eating
habits «Cult Food» in educational institutions. We promote the introduction of new
technologies in the development of education and science
Women's business development
We create a business-friendly environment for small and medium-sized businesses with a
focus on female entrepreneurs and eco-friendly businesses
Gender equality and protection
We strive to eliminate gender stereotypes in society, education and the family, both for
women and men. We promote gender equality in education and free access to it
More women in power
We promote the women participation on an equal basis with men in decision making in the
formulation of local policies and strategies in their communities
Prevent / stop domestic violence
We fight against discrimination and domestic violence. Violence against women must be
stopped. We provide psychological and free legal assistance to people who have suffered
from domestic violence
Support and partnership for every woman
We promote job creation and self-employment for women. We encourage the role of women
in leadership positions in local government and their active involvement in economic
development processes
Our events
We create high-quality events, effective meetings and informative meetups
Thank you for your help in implementing initiatives and socially important projects
We always report transparently on all funds raised
Our team
We are women who are experts in their fields and have achieved results
We are ready to devote time to socially important projects, share our experience and support
We are women who make this world change for the better!
All-Ukrainian network of offices
Impressed? Join us (those who act and have results)
Divergent woman is a brand
Why are we powerful? Because we are independent, we have our own point of
view and our own vision of the world picture. We are not funded by foreign or
domestic funds, we exist on our own initiative of socially active, powerful and
independent women who are able to cooperate and act
City educational events for women
We organize big events, gathering from 300 to 750 participants
Business breakfasts about NON-success with other women
We gather women for frank discussions about business
The first gender festival in the city
We hold the first gender festival in the region
Divergent School of Business
We teach business and give money to develop your own business/company
Representative offices in 8 cities of the country
We create centers for active women all over Ukraine
Free modern education
We set trend for intelligence and form a conscious society
The media about us and the events we create
Do you have suggestions, ideas, opinions, need help?
Just contact us in any way
39600, Ukraine, Poltava region, Kremenchuk city, 15/42 Soborna street
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Public organization
«Divergent woman»
Through education to gender equality
Our projects
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Diia.Business Kremenchuk
Business Incubator for women's initiatives Kremenchuk
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Public organization
«Divergent woman»
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