Інша професія для інших людей
About the project
  • Yulia Tsybulska
    Head of the NGO «Divergent woman»
    "There are people who are much more difficult. What we perceive as a given, as ordinary, which is so often not appreciated, for others - a luxury that they will never have
    Close your eyes and try to cross the road at the intersection. Close your eyes and imagine that darkness is every day. That you are so unprotected and vulnerable that sometimes it is scary to get out of the house. Getting out of home for the blind is an extreme journey that can be dangerous. Even for life.
    So, our task with Marina Kurkach and Inna Butenko - to give such people the opportunity to make a living. Not even leaving home ... "
  • Christina Demidov
    "There is a big problem of employment of people with impaired vision or hearing. There are usually no free vacancies.
    The uniqueness of our project is that the course teachers also have disabilities and are already working in the IT field. It is important because it motivates not to give up and believe in yourself.
    We strive not only to provide quality modern education, but also to employ graduates on the results of training. Thus, we will give them a guaranteed workplace and the opportunity to provide ourselves without counting on social assistance from the state "
Our goal
Divergent profession for divergent people is a common project of a public organization «Divergent woman» та Kremenchuk's volunteer headquarters, which is created to teach people with disabilities modern professions in the IT sphere and - which is important - their further employment

If you're ready to support us right now, a charity contribution can be made in two clicks right here on the site
In an open bank statement you can see your contribution and amount of money we have managed to raise joint efforts

All of the money we are directing to:
- Payment for the cost of training (teachers' services)
- Purchase the necessary computer equipment for training (with financial capacity)
Technologies allow you to change not only the world. They should change people's lives for the better. With the thought of this we will realize this project in 2 stages
Duration - up to 3 months
About the stage:
1) We carry out activities and raise funds for training such people
2) We conduct training, and as teachers - the same people with visual or hearing impaired who already work in IT
Duration - up to 2 months
About the stage:
1) We are constantly looking for partners to guarantee a new workplace for graduates
2) We help the graduate to make a summary and direct it to a particular employer
3) Constantly monitor the labor market in IT and prepare specialists in accordance with partners' requests
People with impaired vision or hearing, having a disability value their work like no other.
They can become reliable and very decent staff of IT companies, call centers, remote selling points, because it is their chance for a decent life.
Most of their time, such people spend at home. For objective reasons: lack of accessibility infrastructure because of danger to your own health.
Supporting from the state of such people is minimal, as well as the ability to employ. The choice of professions was still small: UTOS (mechanical work) or massage master and more.

Simultaneously with training we collect a pool of partners for further employment

Benefits for partners:

1) Social responsibility and participation in a good cause
2) loyal and reliable team players who do not run on vacancies and other IT companies
3) Credit good that will definitely return to you in the form of success, customers, good mood and understanding that this day has been lived
Our events
We very much hope that employment of people with disabilities will become a matter of the whole society and each of us will have a vision of the person himself, not just conclusions from the medical card
    We opened a separate bank account with zero balance and made all transactions on it absolutely public
    So, to get acquainted with the state of the account, click the "View the Statement" button. You will be redirected to the Privatbank.ua page, in the Search field Specify Account Number /
    IBAN UA413052990000026007001205811. Done!
    The bank account statement shows not only the revenue but also the derivative part of the funds, for the sake of anyone who helps us can see their use
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