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We are grateful to those who work with us every day to overcome violence
What is the problem
How many those who asked for help, but received a piece of paper instead?
  • We do not know the exact number of people suffering from domestic violence
    The numbers of double statistics (especially in the covid years) indicate that violence becomes even more widespread. How many more suffers from sexual, economic, psychological, physical violence? How many those who endure silently?
  • Violence tolerance is unacceptable
    How many people will you help you on the street when you will beat you? How many people think that a woman who is beaten by a man is guilty or provoked? How many those who will judge you if you were raped and seek treacherous intentions?
  • Imitation of the fight against violence
    How much time will we lose, reading shocking news headlines, imitating the fight against violence such a huge car that does not perform its duties?
  • Power is not always on the side of the victims
    How many heads of territorial communities are ready to lead the fight against domestic violence, given women among them only 15%?
Our help
On this platform you can seek help, get free consultation, register for participation in events and with us start changing your life
You are on a platform where you can get psychological, legal and other help in one click absolutely anonymous
We offer a series of confidential meetings for assistance in the communities of the region. Only practical advice and knowledge how to act properly in difficult life circumstances
We provide free residence of victims of violence
We organize group therapy for the victims and free services of a child psychologist
We conduct a professional reorientation, help with new work for the financial independence of the victims
We help clothes, shoes, household things in critical situations
We cooperate with hotel owners to be able to place victims in crisis situations
Our priority - setting a trend on zero tolerance to violence
We exercise public control over the work of structures involved in the prevention and counteraction of violence and evaluation of indicators of their effectiveness
We cooperate in the implementation of joint initiatives and projects with police, social protection, public sector, international funds, deputies, local, regional authorities
    Digital exhibition in support of the project is enough!
    within 16 days against violence over women
    To support awareness of 4 types of violence
    Life stories that teach better than a textbook
      The results of our activity in numbers and not only
          Our team
          We are constantly involving new specialists in cooperation. Everyone can be useful on their front. Our front is the mental health of our nation!
          Координаторки проєкту
          Christina Demidova
          Project coordinator in Kremenchuk and Lubensky districts
          Natalia Sichova
          The coordinator of the project in Poltava and Mirgorod districts
          We are constantly looking for those who are ready twice a month for 2-4 hours to be involved in the project and benefit people. It's so easy but you don't even imagine what role you will play in the life of an unknown person
          Emergency call
          (around the clock with mobile free)

          Hotline for domestic violence in Ukraine
          (around the clock with mobile free)
          0 800 502 230
          Municipal Budget Institution "Regional Contact Center" of the Poltava Regional Council
          (from mobile free)
          National "hot" domestic violence line, human trafficking and gender discrimination
          (around the clock with mobile free)
          (097) 136 93 62
          Poltava Regional Social Center of Mother and Child of the Poltava Regional Council (Shelter)
          (MOB's tariffs around the clock)
          (0532) 56 97 93
          Children's Affairs Service of Poltava Regional State Administration
          (only stationary)
          0 800 213 103
          Contact Center of the Legal Aid System
          (around the clock with mobile free)
          The largest resource in Ukraine on the topic of violence
          0 800 500 335
          386 (з мобільного)
          National hotline to prevent domestic violence
          (057) 705 26 72
          (099) 381 40 80
          Department of Social Protection of the Population of Kharkiv Regional State Administration (Department of Family and Citizens)
          (057) 757 08 96
          Kharkiv Regional Center for Social Services
          (057) 705 61 63
          (057) 705 61 64
          Kharkiv City Center for Social Services "Dovira"
          Enough! - Important online platform from #divergentwoman for women,
          who suffer from home and gender -conditioned violence