Partnership with OCHA and Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
About the organization ОСНА
In the UN Department for Coordination of Humanitarian Issues, OCHA unites the world to overcome emergency humanities and save the lives of people who are in crisis situations.
About the organization Ukraine Humanitarian Fund
The United Humanitarian Humanitarian Pooled Fund is the so-called "Suntry-Based POOLED FUND". Such funds allow a variety of donors - for example, governments and international organizations - to make contributions to support humanitarian efforts in a particular country.
It is a marker of our work, recognition of our influence, evidence of transparency, accountability, impartiality of all processes that occur both inside and from the outside of the organization.
We have undergone a difficult process of Due Dilligence, checked our politicians and manuals, synchronized our internal reports, learned to meet the requirements of international partners in terms of reporting, document management, software.
We have passed a few hours check-up of the office of office representatives to our organization, answered all the questions and sent a whole bunch of the necessary documents, confirmations for the audit.
This is all done so that we can raise even more money for our development projects, which we are implemented not only in Poltava region.
We have an honor to be in one short-leaf with such funds as
The main directions of financing the initiatives were:
  • 1
    Multi -targeted cash provision - $ 681 million
  • 2
    Product safety and households - $ 420 million
  • 3
    Protection - $ 269 million
  • 4
    Health - $ 200 million
  • 5
    Water, sanitation, hygiene - $ 161 million
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39600, Ukraine, Poltava region,
Kremenchuk city, 15/42 Soborna street

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