WE ACT: Acting for Women
How to overcome home and gender violence because of women's economic independence
We are grateful to those who work with us every day to overcome violence
Our goal
"Women will play a key role in rebuilding Ukraine after the war. That is why we are already preparing the groundwork for women to study, receive not only motivation, but also concrete tools in their hands and go to work. Because it is our main resource and social capital. This is our strength and strong economy. The more women in business, in the economy, who are
officially employed, the more prosperous our country will become. And every one of us"
Yuliya Tsybulska
Founder and head of the NGO Divergent Woman
"Now our main goal is to strengthen the economic capacity of women.With the support of UNFPA, we train women victims of domestic violence and women who were forced to leave other regions in three areas. And thanks to receiving the starter kits after completing their studies, the girls will be able to immediately start working in the chosen specialty. We also see the need for the development of social entrepreneurship and are already working on this issue"
Anna Demianenko
Project coordinator
Basic professions:
Monitoring indicator - training 80 women in 3 applied professions. Thanks to the events, we received 213 registrations to participate in the training of new professions. The professions were chosen taking into account their demand in the market, offering work in the labor market and opportunities for quick training without prior work experience.
  • 1
    Manicure master (3 days of study, 100% practice)
  • 2
    Master hairdresser with focus on men's hairstyles (10 days of training, 100% practice)
  • 3
    Seamstresses (21 days of study, 100% practice)
According to the statistics we have collected through the answers, we have the following sociological data on project beneficiaries:
  • 2
    Suffered from sexual violence
  • 14
    Suffered from economic violence
  • 16
    Suffered from physical violence
  • 47
    Suffered from psychological violence
General information
We are in media
The publication of 8 articles in various media (local, regional and national levels), 2 broadcasts
and television was ensured, the feed of social networks (Facebook and Instagram) was
constantly updated, feedback from course participants was published.
Also, we maximally involved the participants themselves in the promotion of activities
and donors of the project, who became ambassadors and allowed us to raise the level of
organic traffic and the total reach of the audience by 8 times.
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