Our goal
The implementation of changes in social norms in the field of prevention of home and gender-conditioned violence in educational institutions through the involvement of students and pedagogical workers in accordance with the strategy of gender equality in educational institutions
Description of the problem
The main problems we see in the field of education to prevent home and gender -conditioned violence:
  • Lack of professional knowledge
    and understanding the importance of realizing the above activities
  • Low level of education
    on gender issues
  • Absence of templates
    of ready -made politicians, step -by -step plans, road cards implementation
  • Lack of support
    at the stage of education by the institution of the politician and their further implementation
  • Lack of clarification
    on cases of risky events and a plan of action in the event of force majeure
  • Actual lack
    of response to domestic violence among students and students, ignoring responsibilities
  • Lack of system practices
    and classes with students and students on prevention of domestic violence, declarative reporting on such measures exclusively on paper
Our activities
Development and actual implementation of a complex of practical instruments among the educational community of Poltava region
Project activity
Conducting meetings (working groups, zoom mit-apps) with stakeholders of the project
Purpose: to collect information, its evaluation, processing and work of practical solutions for the development of information materials and filling the training bot
Conducting information and educational activities for students 5-9 grades
Purpose: To involve students and students in the topic of identifying and preventing domestic violence through participation in the event and getting acquainted with the training bot
Conducting methodological exercises on the implementation of the pilot project
Will be conducted for those who plan to implement the already built algorithm of action, use training chat bot and use the developed teaching materials for teachers on their own
Our partners
The UN Foundation in Population
The UK Embassy in Ukraine
NGO "Innovative Social Solutions"
Department of Education and Science of Poltava Regional Military Administration
Results in numbers
1827 of schoolchildren
  • 77%
    Have a brother or sister
  • 57%
    Can talk about any problem to talk to parents
  • 35%
    Only partially can talk to parents about their problems
415 registration of educators of Poltava region
  • 70%
    Classroom leaders
  • 7%
  • 83%
    Did not have cases of domestic violence against students and students
  • 87%
    Have an algorithm of action on such cases in their educational institutions
  • 33%
    Do not need expert support to work in the field of domestic violence
  • 52%
    Have not decided whether they need such support
Our materials
Spend your own lesson according to our materials
To conduct methodological exercises on the implementation of a pilot project with pedagogical staff
Game Bot with an educational component for students 5-9 grades
To carry out information and educational activities for students of grades 5-9
News & Media
Estimates & reviews
Review of the Program Program "Say #enough! Children"
Review of the Program Program "Say #enough! Children »to prevent home and gender-conditioned violence in educational institutions from the methodologist of the educational and methodological office of the psychological service of the Poltava Academy of Continuing Education. M.V. Ostrogradsky
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Enough! Children is an important project from #other -new for educational institutions for the purpose of implementing a policy of prevention of home and gender -conditioned violence