New school nutrition. We will reform school food in Poltava region
NGO Divergent woman -
Cult Food Change Leader in the Region
New school nutrition/Cult Food Kremenchuk
This is a project to improve nutrition culture in Ukrainian schools, founded by a culinary expert Yevgeny Klopotenko

The purpose of the new school nutrition program is to increase and spread the level of healthy food culture in educational institutions. As part of the project, a "Collection of recipes for nutrition for school -age children in educational and wellness institutions" was developed, as well as a plan for the introduction of a new school culture of food in school cafeterias all over Ukraine

NGO Інша Жінка / Divergent Woman joined this initiative and is the leader of Cult Food changes in the region. We want to help change the eating habits of parents and children, pay attention to the importance of proper and rational nutrition to improve the quality of life, well -being and health of the nation
Team Cult Food
The initiative group is the kernel of the project in Kremenchug. Women who are not only moms but also among them: experts in the fields of proper nutrition, a teacher with experience in the city's comprehensive institutions, psychology, reformers of the educational process and public activists with a principled position
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    For parents
    We are an asset of the project in Kremenchug
    And we need support for active, indifferent and able to cooperate parents
    We emphasize these qualities because without them positive changes are impossible
    The recipe collection Yevgeny Klopotenko
    Collection of recipes for nutrition children in organized educational and wellness establishments
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