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As part of the project is ENOUGH! The Divergent Woman visited the village. Sand

January 25, 2022 for residents of the village. Sandy meeting of the project "ENOUGH!" created to help women who have suffered domestic or gender -conditioned violence.

The purpose of meetings in the territorial communities of Poltava region is to draw public attention to the problem of domestic violence, rapid response to cases of violence and the provision of qualified assistance to every person who is in difficult life circumstances.

Increasing awareness, indifference and zero tolerance to all manifestations of violence can save you or your friends from danger.

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We worked with us:
Practical psychologist, volunteer Vitaliy Drobot
Head of the Department of Law and Legal Assistance to the Kremenchug Local Center for the Provision
Senior Inspector of the Public Relations Department of the Patrol Police of Kremenchuk Maxim Oshenash and Inspector of the Patrol Police of Kremenchuk Nadiya Shilo
Thank you for your cooperation, for the time and knowledge of others.

The project is ENOUGH! Divergent Woman is implemented with the assistance of: Poltava Regional State Administration, Deputy Head of Poltava Regional State Administration Kateryna Rizhechenko, Patrol Police of Kremenchuk, Patrol Police of Poltava Region, Kremenchug Local Center for the Provision on the provision of GDPD