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As part of the project is ENOUGH! The Divergent Woman visited Zinkiv

As part of the project is ENOUGH! The Divergent Woman continues a series of confidential meetings in the communities. On January 13, Zinkiv was taken away. They held an information meeting for the community to counteract domestic violence.

The event was organized in the community. Not all communities have the desire and understanding of the need to fight domestic violence.

We thank everyone who is involved. Thank you to everyone who was present and actively joined the conversation.
After all, we understand the need to talk about violence with sad statistics. In the first half of 2021, the number of domestic violence cases was equal to the number of cases for 2020 peaks in general.

We emphasize that you do not need to endure violence in the family. What children also suffer from it and the question arises here, what they will grow, what they will have and how they will act. What to say about violence and help is not ashamed. What to be tolerant and assist those who need. Only together will we be able to help each other, together will we be able to change the situation.

As always with us a Unit of interaction of patrol police and community
Poltava Local Center for the Provision of GVPD
Lawyer Tatiana Efremova
Psychologist Yulia Gladkoya

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NGO "Divergent Woman"

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