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On February 18, the Divergent Woman NGO held the first constituent meeting of women

On February 18, the NGO "Divergent Woman" held the first constituent meeting of women who occupy an asset of life position and are representatives of business, culture, education, public sector, authorities and ready to help others, with the purpose of building a joint work plan within the framework of initiatives The purpose of maintaining women's entrepreneurship in Kremenchug and the region. According to Yulia Tsybulskaya, the chairman of the NGO "Divergent Woman", there is no real organization in Kremenchuk, which would represent the interests of women in social and political life and helped to defend and protect the interests of women.
"We have decided to unite active, influential, female leaders, women who have a clear and understandable life position and are ready to help others," says Yulia Tsybulska.
And adds:
"We have a lot of plans for the future and we are used to acting instead of promising - so we are already working on a common social project under the work name" Academy of Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship "who will support those women who seek to start their own business, have an idea and not have appropriate knowledge and experience. The implementation of the project will help increase the number of employed women and bring together a women's asset in our city. We will build effective net -building, the basis of which will be mutual assistance and solving problems of women through curricula, exchange of experience, mentoring support, joint activities and more. Women need to understand that only by uniting will we be able to achieve more. One in the field is not a warrior, so I call for the partnership of all women who are indifferent to what is happening around and seeking development. "
At the end of the meeting was a greeting word from the chairman of NGO "Divergent Woman" of Tsybulska Yulia, acquaintance with the participants of the project-project of the project of the Academy of Women's Leadership and Entrepreneurship.
The meeting was very atmospheric and warm, as women shared their experiences and problems, and we realized that we had a lot in common. I am grateful to every participant who decided to join our initiative. We have something to strive for something to unite. Our motto - through education to gender equality. And we begin to do real things, ” - summed up the head of NGO"Divergent Woman " Yulia Tsybulska.
Through education to gender equality! A non -governmental organization that brings together women who are different.