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Benchball is presented in the Diia. Business І Kremenchuk center - a game without physical obstacles

Benchball - a game without physical obstacles. That is why it enables children and adults with peculiarities to play with all

Today in our center met children and adults and all played together in Benchball
Thank you all our guests!

Who was playing the game?
Oleksandr Krylov is the inventor of the game Benchball, a participant of NGO "Successful project"
Irina Panfilova - a participant of the board of NGO "Successful project"

Benchball aimed at:
- mobility of special children
- their adaptation to normal physical leisure
- Team game
- a combined game without physical and mental obstacles along with ordinary children

Separate thanks to Adrenaline quest room for free entertainment for special children

This event is organized in partnership with Mastercard to meet the needs of developing self -employment of people with disabilities