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WE ACT II: Act for women and their capabilities

We are extremely pleased to announce a new project for women, which will cover 4 areas in Ukraine.

During 2023-2024 in 5 communities of Poltava region: Gorishnoplavnivskaya, Hadyatsk, Piryatinsk, Lubensk, Mirgorod, innovative social decisions will be implemented with our organizational support.

During the action, we undertake to provide opportunities for vulnerable categories of women, including local and IDPs, with free training, obtaining a new profession, obtaining starting tools for starting work and comprehensive assistance in finding a job, first workplace or opening your own business.

Also, during the action of the project, the opening of the women's employment center offices, where our support will be equipped and created a workplace for a career advisor who will provide advisory and practical assistance to women who will seek in our activities.


The Project "We Act II: Act for women and their capabilities" is implemented by UNFPA, the UN Foundation for the Financial Support of the European Union in partnership with NGO "Innovative Social Decisions".