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#divergentwoman supports other women for 3.5 years

An organization that has grown from the desire to help women be realized, independent and influential, the efforts of one person first, then a very small group of people, later - a true asset of powerful women in different regions of Ukraine becomes a trend, strength and example that they want to imitate

During this time, we have implemented many initiatives in supporting gender equality, the development of women's entrepreneurship, the financial independence of women, the struggle and the prevention of domestic violence, targeted assistance to those who need it, care over lonely elderly people. Our members have become candidates for elections and are actively studying political science now, because women in politics are the present and the future.

At our invitation, the city was visited by Nina Levchuk, Maria Efrosinina, Olga Freymut, Yevgeny Klopotenko - and this has become a history.

We have constant systematic projects, where dozens of volunteers and volunteers are involved, we cooperate with the authorities of different levels and are constantly looking for new partnerships for cooperation.
Our site already has an English version, because already on February 9, we will personally officially open the first representation another woman in the countries of Europe - Estonia.

We work with the media because we want more people to learn about our activities.

Since 2021, we have developed our own information channels (site, you-tube, social networks) in order not to become hostages of various manipulations in the media and raising prices for our own heading for non-profit! Public organization 3 times in 1 month.

We continue to go forward. More precisely, not to go - but to fly. As one famous woman -politician from Poltava, who joined us, said - we, as a high -speed train that rushes past that it is worth having time to jump on a full course

We have been able to realize everything you see on these screenshots (and this is only part). Without budgetary funds, without grattes, only with their own willpower, energy, connections and willingness to work for free.

I am grateful to those who are with us. I am grateful to those who are not with us.
As we develop, we get experience. To do even more and grow even higher.
Because a woman supports a woman rather than vice versa

#іншажінка #divergentwoman