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The interview about the project is ENOUGH! On PTV Poltava TV

The member of the NGO Yanina Tovaryshenko from the representation in the city of Poltava, along with the psychologist of the project "ENOUGH" on PTV Poltava television talk about domestic violence.

The project "Enough" from NGO "Divergent Woman" with the assistance of Poltava Regional State Administration, Kateryna Ryzhychenko, the Main Directorate of the National Police in Poltava Oblast, a Unit of interaction of patrol police and community and the Poltava local Center for providing GDP, volunteers of psychologists/lawyers.

Despite the fact that there is an extensive network of centers, institutions, organizations to take care The sides of women. We have repeated appeals that testify to the problem and recurrence of cases.

Psychology Tatiana Galina teaches how to recognize the abyative relationship and how to act in such cases.

If you need help (which can be anonymous) or is a desire to join the project as a psychologist/lawyer/social worker visit us to the site

Thank @natasha_suchova for organizing work and what you collect extraordinary women who support each other

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