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We stay! Supporting project from Divergent Woman. Poltava


Supporting, educational, therapeutic, project of NGO "Divergent Woman"
aimed at the socialization and adaptation of internally transformed
persons (IDPs) (in the priority of women of all ages).
The problem we solve
In practice, one of the primary non -material problems was the need
Establishment of relations between IDPs and local residents. IDPs as a result of
forced migration conduct passive social adaptation in new places
It is clear that people who have left homes and their native land, work, relatives
and friends (close society) need the help of local residents at
adaptation to new living conditions.
The purpose of the project
To create a series of supportive, educational, therapeutic, professional,
Consulting mini-courses are designed for a group of about 10 people.
Each mini-course will consist of 5-10 meetings. In addition to receiving
Directly knowledge and skills that are directly due to format
mini-course, participants will have a tool for developing new social
At the moment we have two projects in Poltava:
1) Language courses "Language matters. Overcoming a language bar ' era & quot;
(course in Ukrainian).
2) Course of Group Art Therapy “Social Relations in New
Reality ”
We do not provide a complete list of what you can be useful:
- Legal consultations, trainings, seminars
- Psychological consultations, trainings, seminars
- Financial consultations, trainings, seminars
- Vocational guidance, trainings, seminars
- Courses in mastering a new profession
- Coaching sessions, trainings, seminars

- Fundamentals of self -defense for women and children
- Fundamentals for providing first aid
- Oratory courses
- Excursions around the city and region
- Excursions to specific museums and memorial places of our city
- Ukrainian language classes
- Foreign language classes
- Philosophical seminars
- Master classes in fine arts
- Master classes in cooking
- Sewing workshops
- Educational games
- Yoga
- Fitness
- Running
- Martial arts
- Dancing
- Giving an opportunity to engage in the gym or IDP studio
- All sports
- Master class in style, stylist services
- Master-Class Class, makeup artist services
- Photographer Master Class, Photographer Services
- Driving a car driving
-Your help option