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A woman in modern society. 02/02/2022 - Tallinn

The status of women accumulates the peculiarities of the socio-political structure of the country, the level of its economy, culture, management, legal norms, it responds sensitively to deep changes in all spheres, in the public consciousness, value orientations

As in all epochs, there is now a widely controversy about the role of women in society, its social status and vocation.

One of the characteristic features of the development of the world community in recent decades is increasing attention to women's problems.

This, in particular, is evidenced by the recognition of women's rights as an exceptionally important part of human rights, the development and adoption of the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Women Discrimination (1979), the proclamation of the United Nations of the International Year of Women (1975), the holding of international and world conferences dedicated to consideration of issues The situation of women in society, supports a progressive way to solve the problems of combining motherhood and employment in social production, family responsibilities and participation in public life.

One of the effective tools for implementing this approach to solving topical problems of women is social work.

Systematic, various measures carried out in the process of social work are aimed at facilitating the adaptation (adaptation) of a person to social norms, to help him to develop, implement and rehabilitate vital forces, ensure a decent existence and self -affirmation.

It is the role of women in solving many difficult issues of her private and public life dedicated to the newly formed union of women called Divergent Women M. Tallinn

The purpose of the organization is:
Promoting gender equality.
warning and fighting violence against women and domestic violence,
Promoting women's self -employment.
Promotion of self -education among the population, with emphasis on women.
Improvement of women's mental and physical condition.
Development of volunteering and support.
If you are interested in development, realization of your skills, active life position - we are waiting for you

Head of NGO Divergent Women in Estonia

Puzirevskaya Elizabeth, 34 years.

Originally from Kremenchuk, Ukraine. At the moment he lives in Pravere
Elizabeth believes in his tasks:
support and implementation of the concept of conscious personal growth.
study, formation and implementation of mechanisms of resource support of victims of violence protection programs;
Increasing business competence among women entrepreneurs.
development and implementation of adapted additional general education programs that contribute to the social and psychological rehabilitation of women;
“A woman can everything! There is nothing impossible for her!
I know it from my own experience! ” E. Puzirevskaya.
Initiator and Chairman of the Women's Organization "Divergent Women" in Ukraine
Yulia Tsybulskaya says so about the idea of creating an organization. :

“It is difficult to be an independent and independent woman. When there is your own opinion and understanding that you need your own success first and foremost.

I want to help other women to become stronger, financially independent and influential.
We can, of course, achieve the goal alone, but together much easier, faster, more efficient, more powerful and more noticeable to the whole society.

Because the solo is not a whole orchestra, you agree? If there is no way to work, not to depend on others, if there is an internal resistance when someone imposes stereotypes and makes it only in Forvatrera of public or one's own beliefs, if you believe only you, you are exactly one of us. ”

Our heroine Elizabeth and Julia organized a overwhelming outdoor action for Ukrainian women, including: Round Table on a topical topic, acquaintance with the Ukrainian community of Estonia, meeting with the representation of social movements, political parties in charge Women
The first such warm meeting took place in the cultural piety of the AUOE with the participation of the heads of the association of Ukrainians of Estonia, journalist, women who were able to successfully adapt in the Estonian environment and realize themselves as a creative personality.

The program of stay of young women from Ukraine in the Estonian capital is quite extensive. Despite the limited conditions, our fellow countrymen are definitely seeing what to hear here in a friendly Baltic country, so that, then, to share their impressions at home, at home.

We sincerely wish our guests to fulfill all our hopes, and then, again, and once again come to Estonia at any convenient time, here we will be glad to meet each of them!

Love Laur, on behalf of Auoe