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Enough! Information meeting in Podilskyi district of Poltava

Information meetings of the project are enough! They walk in communities.
On December 16, such a meeting was held in the Podilskyi district of Poltava.
They met with the community of the participant of the project "enough", member of the NGO "Divergent Woman", patrol officers, psychologist, lawyer and specialist of the regional center for providing GDP in Poltava region.

Such meetings involve experts and practices that are dealing with domestic violence, who know and help solve problems.
At this meeting discussed what are the cases of domestic violence, considered these situations from different planes, gave examples of helping women. They also shared the newsletters to assist victims of domestic violence.

And in which they confirmed the saying: "Salvation of the drowning is a matter of the hands of the sinking!". That is, until the sacrifice itself does not decide to end the mockery of itself, does not break the relationship with the abuser and will not act - no one will be able to help her.
The project is "sufficiently" aimed at spreading information about domestic violence, promoting comprehensive assistance to victims of violence (women, children, elderly). The project has no time limit. Unfortunately, domestic violence cases do not end.

The meeting was present:

- employees of the UNSN Podilskyi district in Poltava councils, which are involved in providing all types of state social benefits and guarantees;
- employees of the Territorial Center for Social Services (Provision of Social Services) of the OSC of Podilskyi District in Poltava Council, who work directly with single low -income elderly citizens, persons with disabilities of various nosologies who found themselves in difficult life circumstances, with homeless persons. imprisonment;
- representatives of the Children's Affairs Service of the Executive Committee of Podilsky District in Poltava Council;
- residents of Podilskyi district.