Divergent Woman. Events

As part of the "ENOUGH" project, a meeting with the community of Kobelyaky was held from the opposition of domestic violence

Along with the members of the Divergent Woman were present representatives of the patrol police interaction unit and the community Psychology Tatiana Galina, psychologist and employee Poltava local center for providing GDPD

Thank you for a meaningful meeting.

The person was injured by domestic violence - the VICTIM.

Children who live in an atmosphere of domestic violence will be a psychological injury - a witness injury. Such trauma has serious consequences for the development and subsequent life of the child, which can continue the behavior of violence in adulthood - continuing the course of evil.
And only together can we change the situation for the better and prevent psychological injuries in children !!!
We educate a healthy future - tolerant and happy !!!

If you or your acquaintance, colleague, girlfriend need help that can be anonymous, please contact

+38 (050) 149 70 63
NGO "Divergent Woman"