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Divergent women visited the Embassy of Ukraine in Estonia

As part of the visit to Tallinn to open the first representation in the EU country, Elizabeth Puzirevskaya - NGO Divergent Woman, Estonia, Yulia Tsybulskaya - Head of NGO, Natalia Sichova - Regional representative Divergent Woman in Poltava region, Anna Orlovskaya. Divergent woman in the Kirovohrad region, visited the Embassy of Ukraine in Estonia for a meeting with Mrs. Mariana Betz

Estonia is a reliable friend and ally of our country. And here lives one of the largest Ukrainian diasporas.

They discussed possible options for our organization in Estonia with the Ukrainian diaspora, some ideas for the development of economic potential of Ukrainian women who move to the country after men, as well as for the integration of women in the IT sector of Estonia, which, like in other countries, has a personnel hunger and 15% unfilled with decently paid vacancies

With regard to the urgent issue of Ukraine's security, we can safely guarantee that Estonia is the most loyal ally of our country. Today, this country has passed a third! Own Jevelins (modern anti -tank complexes), mobile hospital, other military assistance, allocates 350,000 euros for humanitarian support for our citizens this year, takes care of the rehabilitation of our military and their families.

Estonia, whose population has half the population of Kiev, shows the world that being real is not a question of scale, size, geography or powerful economy.

And we continue to maintain calm, balance and thank Estonia for position and help

And, by the way, Mrs. Mariana promised to make a photo in a T -shirt. So we are waiting for it