Divergent Woman. Events

You either play a major role or look from the auditorium

That is why Lisa Puzirevskaya, who was and is a member of our organization, a graduate of the first stream of the project #business_incombator_ Kremenchuk, decided to act. And not in Ukraine. And in Estonia, where she now lives with her family

She was scared. Stress. Over -responsible. Difficult. But it always happens when you go where you have never been and do what you never did.

With the support of the asset of the organization, the constant negotiations on ZOOM and in messengers, the establishment of links and the connection of many people, we were not only able to open a representative office by registering it officially - but in 4 days lay the foundation for many years of cooperation and development in EU countries

In the photo we hand over the League Our March: Branded T -shirts, a pattern in two languages, and books she asked for herself personally for herself

Because a woman supports a woman rather than vice versa