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Breakfast about a non-success. Irina Afonina

On January 30, 2022, a breakfast about non-success with Irina Afonina took place

Irina is a beautiful, modern, purposeful woman who, from the first seconds of dating, lighting up with her vigor, can help others feel the taste of life.
Her powerful internal resource is striking!

She told the participants about the events of her life in which you can find effective insights:

As, working 17 hours a day, you can accidentally start running
How, being 100 percent Child-Frey, become a mom
As, often hearing "no, well, my children are Harash, and when you find a job", make money for everything you wanted
how to get up every 9 years and finally
How to get pleasure from all this

Thank you for organizing @bruslinovskaia_15
Thank you for the photo @ph_aleksandr_r
We thank all of our participants for the sincere emotions and committees of women, where they support and inspire each other.

Brief about the project: it is a format of "woman for a woman" meeting, a series of candid stories from other women about failure, mistakes, failures, faxes and all that hurts, bake, causes to stop, interfere, puts sticks in wheels, interferes with And finally leads to ... success.

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