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Looking for the leader of thoughts in cities of Ukraine to build our network Divergent Woman

What do we do? The main directions are education, gender equality and everything that relates to a modern woman. We implement industries for women, teach business, look for money for business and help women go into politics.

You can find out all our projects on the site

Each project in the section has its own page, so click and read more carefully

If you want to do something important, have an impact on the thoughts of your community or are ready to become also an influential woman for our help, but also for your direct participation and work - fill in the questionnaire on the site and let us know in social networks
We will contact you as soon as possible 👇

We are currently looking for representatives in the following cities:

✔ Lubny
✔ Mirgorod
✔ Lviv
✔ Zaporozhye
✔ Kyiv
✔ Odesa
✔ Kherson
✔ Sumy

If the candidacy of those who can lead the cells in these cities, please do the repost, report the chance to join the fast -growing network ified rough.
Boomerang of Life is sure to bring you the opportunity in response

Телефон для зв’язку, відповідей на питання +380 (99) 137 94 60 Анна

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