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Group online consultations

Our participants of the educational project "My new profession", which we implement as part of the WE ACT program: Act for women and their capabilities in partnership with the UN Population Fund in Ukraine - UnfPA Ukraine during the project receives not only professional training in the chosen specialty.

This week, group consultations with practitioners were organized for participants:
✔️ Psychologist Yulia Karpenko
✔️ Professional coaching Karina Bulavina and Natalia Sychova
✔️ career adviser Anna Demyanenko

Each participant will be able to come to a meeting with any request and get answers to their questions.#Nbsp;

Support for certified experts allows:
🔸 To deal with your feelings and emotions faster
🔸 Look more widely at your request and see new solutions
🔸 Get a resource for their further action

Working in groups is usually very productive and effective because it allows you to find like -minded people, expand contacts and diversify your own vision of the issues discussed.

So, we are waiting for our participants at the zoom meetings according to the planned schedule.

Background: We Act: UNFPA, UNFPA, Acting for Women and their capabilities, UNFPA, the UN Foundation for Population with the European Union financial support.