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Business - breakfast with Divergent Women. Speaker First - Yulia Tsybulska

We start a series of candid stories from other women about unsuccessful, mistakes, failures, faxes and everything that hurts, bakes, causes to stop, interfere, puts sticks in wheels, interferes with and finally leads to ... success. 7 Real stories of successful women living near 7 breakfasts every Tuesday, not like 1 hour of candid conversations and analysis of other people's mistakes every time to become more experienced more than 15 women-like-minded women with whom you have common goals and interests by the first speaker TM Kosmopolit .Ua and INSHA OSVITA, Head of IT education and innovations Doit School, Head of the NGO "Divergent Woman" Tsybulska Yulia. We made a short teaser from the first meeting in this format. The first speaker was the founder of TM Kosmopolit.ua and Insha Osvita, Head of IT education and innovation Doit School, head of the NGO "Divergent Woman" Yulia Tsybulska. It was frankly about: - Why is sometimes being forcibly released - is it good? - How did the change of place of work affect a further career? - To divorce - a reason for despair or a chance for a career? And what further - you should look!