Divergent Woman. Events

The first local Kremenchuk NGO Forum took place

They cooperated fruitfully within 2 hours, got acquainted and constructively discussed the agenda.

Have reached the conclusions about:
1. Updating the Register of NGOs for further cooperation with those that are active and interested in active actions
2. Approved the ARDH Committee of formum in the future and decided to meet more often
3. found common views and goals in our activities and considered the initiatives of both NGOs and the public

The head of NGO "Divergent Woman" Yulia Tsybulska, presenting the directions of activity of the organization, emphasized that the main purpose is to promote modern education and access it without exception. Because education can change the mentality and the way of thinking. And by changing this, we can change everything around.
We are grateful for the invitation and hope for fruitful cooperation in this direction!