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Your awareness can save you or your friends from danger

Do you know where people from the whole area in Kremenchug gather? Right - in the central market on the day off

That is why we decided to go there and tell you that you can get a free home in the shelter under Kremenchuk if you suffer from domestic violence

What are phone numbers - mobile, not stationary !! - which work around the clock and which you can just call

What is a platform and there are 50 volunteers who have decided to spend their time to help others. Free and just by heart call. It is not their duty and they do not have the authority, but everyone and everyone contributes to strangers who seek help.

Almost 1000 leaflets were handed out. They asked people to pass them on to those acquaintances who need help.

Most people thanked for what we do. A few - they said that they all have good and they would not say anything, they do not want to read anything.
To possess information is not to carry a suitcase with you, but to know what to do in case of danger. And let you personally need no knowledge now, but life is unpredictable, so you better visit your postcard and read it.

Your awareness can save you or your friends from danger.
And we continue to work for you

Seek help or join the project as a volunteer here

Thank you to Poltava Regional State Administration, Deputy Chairman Kateryna Ryzhenko and our partners for participation and support

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