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Breakfast about a non-success. Valery Volkov

We invite our next breakfast for a non-success, which will take place on Saturday, February 12 at 09:00, at the Sweetlo cafe at ul. Igor Serdyuk, 33
Our heroine is Valery Volkov Valery Volkova
Founder of NGO "Stop Violence"
Deputy of the Kremenchug city council of Kremenchug district

Let's talk about:
- about the diversity and philosophy of life;
- about motivation and overcoming doubts on life path
- about prospects and projects this year;
- About the copyright course "Safe Literacy" together with the patrol police.
- Difficulties and overcomes - prospects for the development, scaling and attracting a wider range of people.

You need to register for breakfast:
  1. Register at the link - https://forms.gle/Hjf1DG1LQzo7XLoz5
  2. Make pay:
✓ for the member of NGO "Other woman" - 100 UAH.
✓ for all others - 200 UAH.

*The funds raised will be directed solely for the promotion of the Other Woman NGO and to create an additional resource to support other women in business and self -realization

Brief about the project: it is a format of "woman for a woman" meeting, a series of candid stories from other women about failure, mistakes, failures, faxes and all that hurts, bake, causes to stop, interfere, puts sticks in wheels, interferes with And finally leads to ... success.
All you have to do is take a good mood and come for breakfast to recharge and inspire the story of a non-success.

Before meeting!