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Volunteers of NGO "Divergent Woman" was provided with targeted assistance with things

What makes women give up their children?

Today, together with the volunteers of NGO "Divergen Woman", they were taken to one institution under Kremenchuk, children's things. There are currently 7 women and 7 children (1 to 10 months). These women get here in the direction of social services when they intend to abandon the child in the maternity hospital. They can live here for free, eat before the child is 1.5 years old - the maintenance of the institution provides the regional budget.

Most women do not work, but are in almost permanent decree. There are no education. If they work, then non -systemic and periodically.

They just live the life that their closest environment lives. Because it is so clear and easier.

They decided that we would gradually change it. You will have to work with consciousness - because it is the only chance to open an adult's eyes to the opportunity that he can take advantage of. And that these opportunities are not only financial assistance from the state or payment for children, free housing, soldering, other grants, etc. Moreover, when we talk about adult able -bodied people who do not work consciously ...

From now on, our volunteer psychologist will work with them - @inna__butenko
The purpose of meetings to 3 months after these women:

realized that the only responsible person for their own lives and life of their children - they themselves
found new content for life, one of which is work as a source of constant income
learned very basic financial literacy skills in order to earn in the future (or received in the form of assistance) the funds were enough for not only their own needs, but also the needs of children

In general, I can state that the center is developing. During the year, security alarm, purchased equipment, laptops and electronic books for teaching women in the institution were installed at the regional expense.

The institution can also accept victims of domestic violence - but there is none in it.

We are working to ensure that women have safe housing and protection together with the deputy head of the Regional State Administration Kateryna Ryzchenko, through which cases are moving much faster and better and better

Also today, with the participation and partnership of the head of NGO "On the Wings of Nadiya of Ukraine" Anna Moroz, formed packages and boxes of assistance with things and sent at 4 addresses in Kremenchug.

Everyone can join. We accept things, help in the form of delivery of things, contacts of those who need this help the most.
Currently, women's things of large size 46-48 and women's shoes are warm, jackets.

Thank you for your indifference to our @svitlana.mandrychenko @mariia_vong!

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