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Educational project report for November

Our educational project "My New Occupy" as part of the WE ACT program: We are acting for women and their opportunities in partnership with the UN Population Fund in Ukraine - UnfPA Ukraine is ongoing!

For almost a month we have been helping participants to get a new profession for them and to step towards changes in their lives ☀️

🔸 Girls study from the best professionals of our city
🔸 During training, participants from other cities and communities are given a hostel and the fare is reimbursed

This is really - the beginning of something new in the life of our participants! We rejoice in each and support all our girls, which by the way, as much as 80!

So, we summarize the work and share the plans for the next month 📌

This month was organized:

Two -week training and graduation of the Basic Course "Master on Repair / Sewing Clothes"
Ten-day training of two groups and the issue of one of them at the Master-Perunalar Course
Three -day training and release of four groups of basic manicure master course

Next month we will organize:

➡️ Issue of the second group of the basic course "Master-Perunar" on the basis of the educational studio of hairdressing arts Etual Uchebnaya Study Etual
➡️ Training and release of four more groups of the Master of Manicure Master on the Base
➡️ After the issue of all training groups we will select the most active and responsible participants to obtain 60 free starting sets to start working in the chosen profession!

There is a lot of work ahead, but the results of this work are charged and inspired! Follow our news!

We Act: UNFPA, UNFPA, is being implemented for the sake of women and their capabilities, the UN Foundation for the Financial Support of the European Union.