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What unites Olga Freymut and Divergent Woman?

According to the head of the educational center Insha Osvita and the head of the NGO, the mission of such events to promote modern education in Kremenchuk and the region and make it accessible.
“We will work to ensure that education becomes a popular trend because the modern world needs it. To be successful, you will need to learn all your life, ”Yulia Tsybulska emphasizes.
She also explains the creation of the format of city educational measures that were introduced last year in Kremenchuk:
“For the first time, we brought Nina Levchuk to Kremenchuk-a top manager of Google and a person who is used to performing on the playgrounds of Kiev, Odessa, European countries and the USA. Nina collected halls of 1000 people and it was our challenge to bring it to a city, whose population was less than 250 thousand inhabitants. We did not know for sure if we would even collect 300 people, but we did it, ”says Yulia Tsybulska.
By the way, Insha Osvita and Divergent Woman were also soorganizers of Masha Efrosinina's arrival in Kremenchuk, an event that gathered 700+ participants. The third speaker is Olga Freymut, a woman who is known both in Ukraine and abroad. A woman who knows all about success in her own experience. A woman to listen.
“As for our educational events, we carefully choose speakers. We are only interested in successful and famous. Because we genuinely believe that learning success - and in general to really learn, take on experience, analyze mistakes - it is possible only for those who have succeeded and have results. A person is gaining wisdom with age. Because with age comes experience. We propose to gain experience without growing up. Go to our events and become wiser, and we will do them again and again, ”Yulia Tsybulska sums up.
By the way, members of the NGO "Divergent Woman" had a unique opportunity to have dinner with Olga Freymut - a woman with pepper, as the head of NGO "Divergent Woman" Yulia Tsybulskaya. As Margaret Thatcher said, if a man has a character, he is a great guy. If a woman is called a bitch. We believe that we lack women with character.