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Nina Levchuk's business community event


Be public or keep privacy? When it comes to a personal brand, the answer becomes obvious.

On September 9, an interesting event for Kremenchuk's business community was held in the city. Nina Levchuk, a female brand and known in business collies of Ukraine as Google Marketing Solution and Collaboration with @superludi.official, as part of the author's online course, first visited the city of regional importance and performed almost 300 participants. They gathered to gain knowledge and experience from a successful and recognized marketer.

Did you know that there is technology for every successful brand? Even more - there is a formula of your own brand that always works and brings real results. The brand is always equal to the amount of expertise (you really need to be better in your business) and social roles that you perform every day multiplied by a commander of a communication multiplier (the number of social ties and networks). So, the higher the level of all components, the better the result. So, the more you broadcast your ideas, views, thoughts, knowledge, experience, the sooner you approach the dreamy brand.

But your own brand is not easy. If you really want to build it - get ready to become public. Get ready for what you will talk about. Sometimes not even what you expect to hear. Sometimes, or more and more often - behind your back. You will love and adore you. And with the same force, perhaps to hate. You may be a bone in the throat, and someone - a key person who has changed life for the better. The main thing - do not betray yourself and stay true to good and true human values. And never lose the right life guidelines.
And you already have everything for success. All you have to do is start. True, @kuuskonstantin?