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Participants #Business_ Incubator_Poltava Region visited visited the grand opening Diia. Business І Kremenchuk

And also received certificates of graduation from the hands of the mayor of Kremenchuk Vitaliy Maletsky

Why did the Entrepreneurship Support Center be created in the city?

90% of jobs are created by entrepreneurs. That is, most go to work in a company where the owner/this has ever turned/la idea to system income not only for himself but also others
The opening of the center cost 1.5 million UAH. These funds were raised from different in size and business, in particular from local entrepreneurs who have directed part of their money, time, efforts to open a center of culture in the city
People live where there is work. Creating a job for others, we care that the city does not leave young people. And about the income of many Kremenchugs and their families
Since we buy and consume goods/services from each other, it is profitable for us to have more entrepreneurs in the city. By the way, it is entrepreneurs who pay those taxes on the budget that everyone is trying to control. But they bring their part to the budget only selected - and they are entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as officially employed people.

As you can see, business development is beneficial to the city. That is why the local authorities also joined the creation of the project, for which we are grateful to the mayor and his team

In January, many lectures and events are waiting for everyone. Read the announcements in the social networks
Diia. Business І Kremenchuk