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Opened exhibition-performs #myI in Kharkiv

For the impossible we need just a week of time

Life is a choice. It was possible to spend Sunday with your family today. One could not participate in the exhibition. It was not possible to make socially important projects - for this they did not pay money.

You can not learn English. You can throw any business when difficult. You can choose a vacation instead of work.

You can be satisfied with what you have. And you can - strive to influence processes. You can sit quietly, or you can safely talk about what you have to say.
You can look at the lives of others, but you can live the life that you dream of.
You can get off the distance.
And you can compete to the last, even when no one believes in your victory.
You can blame others all your life that you didn't have.
And is it necessary?

Opened exhibition-performs #myI in Kharkiv
From now on between another woman and the Kharkiv Theater and Concert Center there is a slightly common thing: nearly 40 photos of women to see and hear
From 12 to 27 December inclusive
Sumy, 25, the glorious city of Kharkiv

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