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Breakfast about a non-success. Tatiana Tkachenko (Dnipro)

Tatiana Tkachenko is the heroine of our breakfast about the un -success, which took place yesterday on January 11 at the Sweetlo cafe

@tkach_tanya - President of the Women's Hockey Club "Queen of the Dnieper"
The player of the national team of Ukraine
Three -time Ukraine hockey champion with a puck among women
Lawyer. Founder and Director of Production Enterprise
A woman who destroys stereotypes and has a life experience that strikes the motivation in achieving her goal.

Tatiana tips that will come in handy for all occasions:
Do not waste time pity for yourself - while you spare yourself, you lose time to change something!
A woman, like Phoenix, is reborn from pepl, even after a hopeless situation. So take your hands and actions!
Even the facts can be in favor!

We thank Tatiana for overcoming a considerable way to share with us her story of a lack of success and surprised all our participants with frankness, incredible energy and courage 🤝.

All photos of breakfast with Tatiana Tkachenko can be seen here -

Brief about the project: it is a format of "woman for a woman" meeting, a series of candid stories from other women about failure, mistakes, failures, faxes and all that hurts, bake, causes to stop, interfere, puts sticks in wheels, interferes with And finally leads to ... success.

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