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Breakfast about a non-success. Galina Artyukh

Look at these photos 😍 They are just charged with femininity and beauty!
Delicious coffee, atmosphere of trust and the frank story of a charming speaker have definitely became a cool start to the day.

Galina Artyukh is the heroine of our breakfast about the un -success, which took place today on December 17 at the Sweetlo Cafe
Galina - a dance yoga instructor, leading bodily women's practices, explores the world through the lens of physicality.

Talked about how:

✓ Feeling joy from being in your own body regardless of its size, age or form
✓ Restore contact with your own body
✓ motivate yourself on a long -term transformation process without using the willpower resource
✓ Reset "extra" without violence

Thank you to Galina for the desire to share her experience with others and for active participation in public activity ❤️

Time to be different ...
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