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Business - breakfast with Divergent women. Speaker Second - Anna Timofienko

The second speaker was the founder of the first creative coffee shop of Kremenchuk Color Espresso Bar, the owner and manager of the beauty salons "Byzantium" and "Curl on Elenskaya", mother of two children, beloved woman - Anna Timofienko.

The second meeting in the framework of the business-project with other women took place.

It was frankly: - to return from the capital to the provincial town. Losing or, conversely, win? - How to start business again and again? The experience of failures when you want to throw everything and leave everything - the stories of betrayal. How to recover and move on? It was frankly, about failures and not successes, about team and values, about the relationship to life from Anna Timofienko is important in these meetings. Each of us is the most valuable resource of knowledge and skills, recipes for overcoming troubles, each of them. This is what we share, someone - we inspire, someone - we support, someone - we encourage action. We believe in every woman.

The woman supports the woman, not the other way around. P.S. We thank our asset separately that the above statement proves.