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The tender announcement for learning organization

Announcement of tender for the purchase of applied training services

Customer Name: NGO Divergent Woman
Location Customer: Kremenchuk
Tender Submission Term: By November 4, 2022, 18:00
Services Delivery: November 10 to December 20, 2022
Payment Terms: Cashless Calculation

Description: NGO Divergent Woman (Central Office in Kremenchuk) announces a tender for the selection of provider of applied training for women who have suffered from gender-suggested violence or at risk and/or for women in vulnerable categories Under the WE ACT program: we are acting for women and their capabilities implemented by UNFPA, the UN Foundation for Population with the Financial Support of the European Union.#Nbsp;
The project involves an educational component in the organization of applied training for women with the ability to obtain starting sets of tools after completing the courses. The following measures are expected to organize the service provider:
  1) Organization of study in the city of Kremenchuk/Poltava in the period from 10.11.2022 to 20.12.2022 on the following duration:
- manicure master - 3 days 
- hairdresser -universal - 10 days 
- tailoring master - 21 days 
2) Cover of living expenses for those women who do not reside in Kremenchuk/Poltava for the entire period of study
3) Technical support and support of participants during training
Number of participants: 80 people
Expected Cost - 12#Nbsp; 000 USD in Equivalent at the rate of 37.00 UAH/USD (fixed)

Requirements for suppliers
1. A business entity registered in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine with relevant NACE and work in a beauty sphere (priority)
2. In fact, it is in Ukraine and operates locally (priority - local service providers from Poltava and Kharkiv regions (Relocked Businesses)
3. Has experience in organizing learning and events different in size and size
4. The price offer corresponds to the expected value

To participate in the tender, you must send the necessary documents by 18 hours on November 4, 2022 to WoomandueverGent@gmail.com with the note "Tender offer. Applied training ”or brought in the address: Poltava region, Kremenchuk, str. Soborna 15/42 Office of NGO "Divergent Woman"

The tender participant provides the organizer with the following documents:
1. Scanned documents confirming state registration and tax status;
2. Purchase offer according to the specification

Selection Criteria to the Supplier Tender Commission:
● Availability of documents in accordance with the requirements
● Actual location in Ukraine (priority - local manufacturers or service providers from Poltava, Kharkiv, Sumy regions)
● Price within the price supply on the “best quality” principle

The results of the tender will be notified only in writing no later than 12:00 on November 5, 2022.
Contact Person Demyanenko Anna 050#Nbsp; 149 70 63