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Master class for women from Mary Efrosinina "I`m the only one"

On October 17, 2018, another educational event took place in the city, struck by its scale.

It can be stated that Kremenchuk has not seen such educational measures so far. An event that has collected more than 700 listeners. The preparation for which lasted for almost six months. The plan of the event was thought out to the smallest detail. But the main thing is the person who was waiting for almost all women not only Kremenchuk, but also neighboring cities and regions.

Masha Efrosinina first visited the city with the master class "You are one". There were a lot of reflections on the appearance and acceptance of themselves, of course, about weight and ways to keep themselves in shape, about relationships with men and sex, about careers, family, success, and an internal balance. About what to do when your hands are lowered. Dignity and why it is important to speak "no".

The hall was dominated by an atmosphere of frankness. Thank you to those who asked very personal questions and spoke about their problems openly.

Masha Efrosinina has not opened us a universal recipe for success. Because it does not exist. But everyone got more - the opportunity to survive someone else's faithful experience and draw their own conclusions.

After all, when your life situation seems too complicated to you and one that cannot be solved, it is obligatory for someone who has been able to overcome it. Therefore, broadcasting and analyzing someone else's experience is the key to avoiding your own mistakes and disappointments. And great moral support.

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