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Olga Freymut's educational event in Kremenchuk

Olga Freymut again came to Kremenchuk. But this time not with the revision of restaurants and hotels. On March 10, she brought to our city a special workshop "Audit of Life" and collected hundreds of her devoted fans.

She is not a psychologist, not coaching and not a politician, but her success is to hear many. In her 37 years, she has a successful television career and even founded her own Snowdrop.

The Life Audit Master Class is deeper and built on demanded requests. It is not only Olga Freymut's speech about how to live ... a speech by a teacher who will tell you that you need to have a man, children, work, bank account ... It is first and foremost an exchange Freymut.

The master class was focused on women, but men could also be found in the hall. The brave men accompanied their young ladies. Some viewers came to Kremenchuk from other cities, and some from other countries:

Olga Freymut's educational event is an initiative of the other education and another woman in Kremenchug. According to the head of the Center Yulia Tsybulskaya, learn success, take on experience and analyze mistakes - it is possible only for those who have succeeded and have results.
Before her speech at the City Palace of Culture, Olga Freymut spoke with journalists at the new restaurant "City". She was asked about confidence, Eurovision and, of course, about elections.